…in no particular order, here are some dark spots on the internet where i wander, wonder and rant

My current work: (papers, book chapters, conference presentations)

Peace and Justice Studies Association

The Prosecution Project

Flickr (pictures of graffiti, travel and the like)

Counter information & direct action movements:

Anarchist News

It’s Going Down

The Lions Of Rojava (foreign fighters assisting Kurdish YPG/YPJ)


War On Society


Act For Freedom Now!

Contra Info

Inter Arma

Prison Island UK

Anarchist Black Cross Federation

Anti-Capitalist & Anti-State Theory:

Zine Library

The Anarchist Library

Tiqqun texts 

Situationist International texts

Class War University

CrimethInc. Ex-Workers Collective

Lib Com

Petroleuse Press

Institute for Experimental Freedom

Animal & Earth Liberation Movements:

Bite Back Magazine

North American Animal Liberation Press Office

The Talon Conspiracy

Earth First! Journal

Green Is the New Red

Studying Non-State Actors & Social Movements:

Freedom Archives


The Long War Journal

Al Qaeda Statement Index

Urban Guerilla

Richard Jackson’s Blog

Public Intelligence

Self Teaching Political Theory

Histories of Violence (video series)

Reading Marx’s Capital with David Harvey (video series)

Audio Anarchy (streaming audio of anarchist texts/theory)

RSA  Animate Theory/Philosophy Videos:

– Slavoj Zizek

 – Barbara Ehrenreich

– Jeremy Rifkin

– David Harvey


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