Over the past few months I have read quite a bit. I guess I’m always in the process of reading at least 4 or 5 books, and depending on the seasonal work I’m engaged with, more or less. I am in the process of teaching/designing 6 new classes (Introduction to Sociology, Contemporary Social Problems, Social Movements, … Continue reading

[New syllabi]: Sociology!!!!

As the Summer turns into Fall, those of us in the education industry dust off our books and get geared up for another semester of learning. For those of us in the adjunct/contingent academic labor game, this usually means a lot of late nights and coffee. For me, Fall 2015 starts my official relationship with … Continue reading

What Michael is Reading #3

Over the last few months I have begun writing the background chapters for my doctoral dissertation.  The way I write is that I read a ton, think for a few weeks, and then write WAY more than I should, removing the excess in editing.  Right now and I in that writing sweet spot where every … Continue reading

What Michael is Reading #2

With bated breath I oblige, and scribe another entry of…dum, dum, dum [kettle drum sounds] “What Michael is Reading!”   1.) The Declared Enemy: Texts and Interviews (of Jean Genet) Written by Jean Genet, Edited by Albert Dichy and Translated by Jeff Fort Jean Genet is a legend.  He was a revolutionary queer, a counter-system thief and … Continue reading

What Michael is reading #1

..in a series I am beginning today and hope to continue I introduce…dum, dum dum (meant to be the sound of kettle drums) WHAT MICHAEL IS READING THIS WEEK: So after dropping the cost of a large vegan pizza on books at Little Black Cart I’ve been devouring these three texts since they landed on my doorstep. 1.) … Continue reading

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