[New publication] Shooting Yourself in the Foot: Securitization, Critical Infrastructure, and the Gaza Strip

image of site of a mortar explosion targeting the Kerem Shalom crossing (10 August 2014) —————————————————————————————- …so last week I completed my PhD after quite a long path! Yes, yes, yes, congrats to me, I know. The spring always ends up being a time when I’m very academically active. Currently, I am teaching two classes … Continue reading

[New presentation] Feminist theory & gendered involvement in armed movements

This presentation is the product of research I have carried through consistently since I was an undergraduate student.  Back then, I carefully tracked every news reference, government report and primary source document that discussed female involvement in acts of political violence.  Female suicide bombers, saboteurs  operational cades and the like; all cataloged and kept in tidy folders.  After doing this for some … Continue reading

[New publication]: Reproducing a Culture of Martyrdom – The Palestinian mother, discourse and legitimization

Um Nidal, the iconic ‘Mother of Martyrs’ poses with her son before he leaves to attack. Though I may have wrote this paper a few years back as part of a WGS capstone, after some updates it is being turned into a book chapter by the good people at Palgrave Macmillan. I am super excited to be … Continue reading

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