[New publication]: Sexuality, Assault, Police Infiltration and Foucault: Notes for Further Inquiry

This is the 3rd part of my ongoing research focused on the role played by sexuality and sexual violence in police infiltration of radical social movements. My partner and I have been investigating these cases for some time now and regularly present our research. The most recent article is included in a book entitled New … Continue reading

[New publication] When cops “go native”: policing revolution through sexual infiltration and panopticonism

This article, published in a special edition of Critical Studies on Terrorism, is the first ‘deliverable’ from my rather lengthy exploration into the role of sexuality in the infiltration of radical social movements.  I became interested in this topic when the story broke in the UK press some time ago and have been researching, writing … Continue reading

[Video]: Statecraft & Sexual Trust: Infiltrating the Revolutionary Left

I have been doing research on the intersection between sexual trust and police infiltration for some time now.  It is taking a number of forms: a journal article to be released in the spring, a pamphlet guide for activists to help understand the deployment of sexual infiltrators amongst their ranks, and a slew of conference presentations.  Each … Continue reading

[New publication]: If Left to their Own Devices: Police Provocation & Terrorists’ Tendency to Fail

Looking for the intersection of Critical Theory and good ol’ fashioned Conflict Analysis…look not further than Unrest Magazine, produced by an underground collective of editors and authors at George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution.  The magazine produces high quality scholarship from a host of lefty conflict theorists including some personal heros of mine. My article for … Continue reading

When Counter-Terrorism Becomes Rape: Disciplinary Power & the Sexual Infiltration of Radical Communities

This is a topic I’ve been looking into for a while now and as I progress through my though I’ll keep posting updates here. I just got back from England having done two conference presentations bot focused on understanding the role of sexual infiltration in the disruption of the political left.  I presented at the annual Critical Terrorism Studies conference … Continue reading

Sexual infiltration of radical movements

So I’ve been looking into the role played by sexual infiltration into radical (e.g. anarchist, anti-capitalist, animal liberation, eco-tague) movements for some time.  I’ve written on the topic, discussed it with tons of people, and recently, developed a short presentation to give an overview. With a few drafts down and the final paper still forthcoming, … Continue reading

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