[New publication] “Operação Splash Back!: A Queerização da Libertação Animal e as Contribuições dos Neo-insurrecionários queers”

I’m happy to share that a journal article I wrote back in 2012 has been translated and republished in Portuguese by Revista Latinoamericana de Estudios Críticos Animales. The paper originally appeared as “Operation Splash Back!: Queering Animal Liberation Through the Contributions of Neo-Insurrectionist Queers” in the Journal of Critical Animal Studies, Inquiries and Interventions: Queer Theory and … Continue reading

[New publication] Activism, Terrorism, and Social Movements: The “Green Scare” as Monarchical Power

I am happy to report that another one of my articles has made its way to the great wide world. Though this was originally written a few years back, re-editing it for publication allowed me to make a whole host of new connections between the Green Scare, and the more current wave of right-wing violence … Continue reading

[New publication] Interpreting Insurrectionary Corpora: Qualitative-Quantitative Analysis of Clandestine Communiqués

It is with great pleasure that I can announce the release of a new journal article. This article appears in the Journal for the Study of Radicalism, and I am happy to say constitutes the first ‘in print’ piece from my doctoral research project.   Interpreting Insurrectionary Corpora: Qualitative-Quantitative Analysis of Clandestine Communiqués   Anyone … Continue reading

“Why we are with the fighters (what do we mean by solidarity?)”

[ED NOTE: I do not typically use this space to repost pieces from the vastness of the internet, but this particular piece embodies a spirit I quite identify with. I’m reposting it here because it’s unlikely many will have seen it. It appeared in the publication, Return Fire #3, a UK-based green anarchist publication. This … Continue reading

Updates from a manic writer

For a great many of us who work on an academic calendar, this week tastes especially sweet. For me, it means that my work load goes from heavy to light as students depart campuses and the year winds down. For those outside of the September-May work cycle, this may not be immediately apparent, but those … Continue reading

[Prison journal]: Third and Fourth entries

Entry #3 I just finished writing in about 20 prisoner notebooks. It’s been such a long while since I have hand written anything of that quantity. I feel that if the students take the time to write to me, than it is my obligation to do the same to them. I try and mirror their … Continue reading

[New publication]: Sexuality, Assault, Police Infiltration and Foucault: Notes for Further Inquiry

This is the 3rd part of my ongoing research focused on the role played by sexuality and sexual violence in police infiltration of radical social movements. My partner and I have been investigating these cases for some time now and regularly present our research. The most recent article is included in a book entitled New … Continue reading

[New presentation] Towards the queerest (reading of) insurrection

Thought I’ve been a bit inactive on this blog, I’ve been busy writing. Between teaching 5 simultaneous classes (Georgetown, George Mason, Jessup Correctional Institution), completing 3 simultaneous fellowships (Georgetown, George Mason, Hebrew Union College) and a bit of service work (some club/bar), I’ve managed to churn out several hundred pages of my PhD dissertation which … Continue reading

[Interview] Who said video killed the radio star?

Big thank you to the folks at Total Liberation Radio for contacting me to do this show.  The segment focuses on the recently published book, “Educating for Action: Strategies to Ignite Social Justice.”  Along with Dara Lovitz and Anthony Nocella, we speak about animal rights law, community organizing and organizing public events and conferences.  I speak … Continue reading

[New publication] Professor Xavier is a Gay Traitor! An Anti-Assimilationist Queer Framework for Interpreting Ideology, Power & Statecraft

During my first semester of PhD coursework, I wrote a paper focused on Marxist theory, queer normativity and the X-Men.  At the time, my professor did not think too highly of my theoretical approach.  fast forward nearly three years and ten drafts later and we have the latest in a series of publications from yours … Continue reading

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