Playing catch up: syllabi, articles & even (my first) book!

I am so very behind in keeping this blog current and for that I have my regrets. When I set it up I imagined it as a play-by-play of my work, updated as often as I published, but as I have learned, the clock never stops to allow us to take stock of what we’ve done and why would it?

So rather than keep putting it off, here’s a quick accounting of (what we professors call) deliverables since the last time I wrote:

  1. I am happy to say that after successfully defending my Ph.D. dissertation in April 2015 (on April fools day I should add), in only 2 years and three months, 822 days to be precise, I was able to take the dissertation and produce a book published by Manchester University Press and their series on Contemporary Anarchist Studies. The book is called The Politics of Attack: Communiques and insurrectionary violence, and it is an exploration of insurrectionary anarchist networks, the political communique and how insurrectionary theory can be used to understand structural violence, performativity and spectacle. For those who are interested, there is a sample chapter here, and the book can be purchased here (for US customers) or here for those in other places. You can also find it on Amazon if that’s your drug of choice.


  1. In the early fall I finally published the research I had conducted as part of my Master’s work at the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at the University of St Andrews. The article, published in the Journal for the Study of Radicalism, is entitled “”Eco-Terrorism” An Incident-Driven History of Attack (1973-2010)” is actually a two-partner. The first part consists of a quantitative analysis of global “eco-terrorism” incidents over a 30+ year period, which after presenting the data, allows me to make the claim that  “the animal and earth liberation movement is a movement of nonviolent, nonterroristic, property vandals, not a collectivity of bomb-throwing, scientist-shooting, urban guerrillas.” The article is followed by a HUGE appendix in which I transparently showcase the data and method, open it up for interrogation, and provide the most comprehensive accounting of this movement to date. Both the article and lengthy appendix are included as a single file here.
  2. I also completed two new syllabi, or rather re-thinking the design of prior courses. I have added these syllabi to my “teaching documents” section and they include a syllabi for “Social/Political Activism” the capstone for Miami University’s BA in Social Justice Studies, and “Introduction to Social Justice Studies” the aptly named intro to the same degree program.
  3. Since August I have been on a speaking tour of sorts, re-investigating the criminalization of dissent targeting social movements, and presenting these findings at a host of venues. I have had the privilege of presenting this material to small groups of activists, amphitheaters of students, and a few sites in between. While I have stopped posting PDFs of all of my public presentations due to the sheer number, I’m including one example here, which resembles to varying degrees the types of topics covered. I truly love doing these talks, so if you have a venue and would like to bring me out, let me know. These presentations are part of a longterm research project I am beginning to investigate the genealogical history of ‘the riot’ and how it has been shaped, discussed, policed and imagined.

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