[New Syllabi]: “Social/Political Activism” & “Terrorism” @ Miami University

With a very successful first semester behind me at Miami University, we’re now entering week two of my second term at the ‘Harvard of the Midwest’ as it’s locally known. I have really enjoyed my time teaching at MU so far. The students are eager and engaged, my colleagues welcoming and warm, and the facilities are very well maintained and the campus beautiful. All in all, for a school I was unaware of even two years ago, I’m very glad I’ve landed here on my path traversing the precarity of academic laboring.

As my first semester was full of large ~50 person lecture classes, I am glad to be shifting gears a bit this term and am teaching two smaller, upper-level seminars, and one continuation of a large, introduction-level lecture.

So it is with great pleasure that I share with you two new courses I’ve developed in:

“Current Issues: Terrorism”


“Social/Politica Activism”

Both courses are built as ‘project classes’ where we use the classroom as a work space to simultaneously learn a topic are (e.g. terrorism or socio-political activism) through the process of methodologically-driven, primary source, field research. Students are therefore able to learn, practice and implement a variety of methods drawn from Sociology, Anthropology, Criminology, Communication, Linguistics, Cultural Studies, Security/Terrorism Studies and elsewhere.

I am one of those people that loves teaching research methodology and helping students develop their own research designs, so I’m in research nerd heaven.


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