[New publication] Activism, Terrorism, and Social Movements: The “Green Scare” as Monarchical Power

I am happy to report that another one of my articles has made its way to the great wide world. Though this was originally written a few years back, re-editing it for publication allowed me to make a whole host of new connections between the Green Scare, and the more current wave of right-wing violence occurring in the US. As history has a way of surprising us, my continued publication delays actually made for a better paper in the end, as I was forced to continually update the history of this discourse ver many years.

I should note that this paper was the product of a series of presentations I gave at a host of conferences in collaboration with the brilliant (social movement) anthropologist Dr. Jennifer Grubbs. While we traveled the country talking about how one can use Foucault to explain why the DOJ calls vegan saboteurs “terrorists” our theories became clearer and our voices louder and more confident. This publication is meant to serve as yet another salvo of dissent focused at the rhetoricians and ideologues wielding state power.

This article brings together a wide swath of my ‘public advocacy’ work speaking in defense of social movement struggle and against the criminalization (and terrorization) of dissent. Without rehashing a rather long article, this piece explores the connection between neoliberalism, direct action movements and the repression of eco/animal liberationists as studies through a lens of Foucault. Or in the lamguage of the abstract:

This paper explores the relationship between social movement protest,economic sabotage, state capitalism, the “Green Scare,” anpublic forms of political repression. Through a quantitative analysis of directaction activism highlighting the Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front, the discourse surrounding mechanisms of social changeand their impact on state power and capitalist accumulation will beexamined. The analyses examines the earth and animal liberation move-ments, utilizing a Marxist-anarchist lens to illustrate how these non-stateactors provide powerful critiques of capital and the state. Specifically,the discussion examines how state-sanctioned violence against thesemovements represents a return to Foucauldian Monarchical power. Aquantitative-qualitative history will be used to argue that the movements’ actions fail to qualify as “terrorism,” and to examine the performanceof power between the radical left and the state. State repression demonstrates not only the capitalist allegiances between government and industry, but also a sense of capital’s desperation hoping to counter amovement that has produced demonstrable victories by the means of bankrupting and isolating corporations. The government is taking suchunconstitutional measures as a “talk back” between the revolutionary potential of these movements’ ideology as well as the challenge they pre-sent to state capitalism.

…so rather than talk it up, pre-summarizing and whatnot, here’s the link so you can see for yourself.

Activism, Terrorism, and Social Movements: The “Green Scare” as Monarchical Power


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