[New syllabi] ‘Social Change’ & ‘Criminology’

After a resounding success of a semester, and some very encouraging student evaluations, I am once again teaching at the University of Cincinnati (UC) Department of Sociology. Last semester I developed three new classes (#1, #2, #3), and this semester, I completed two more. This combined with my classes at George Mason University, Georgetown University and the University of Malta means that between September 2015 and June 2016, I will have designed and taught 11 classes!

Designing the UC Sociology classes has been a challenge and a joy. I have decided to base both Spring semester classes around a series of guest speakers. Last semester I based my classes mostly around traditional lecture and in-class discussion-based activities, and despite it being very well received by the students, I’m an educator who is constantly reinventing and trying new things.

The two new classes, ‘Social Change’ and ‘Criminology’ both feature a series of practitioners and theorists drawn from the field to present students with a diverse interpretation of the course themes. For Criminology we will hear from the FBI, DEA, US Attorney, local police, university police and a man who was exonerated after serving 20 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. For ‘Social Change’ we will be visited by 15 local activists, researchers, and practitioners engaged in creating positive change. Many of these presenters are appearing on thematically-grouped panels for the class, and some are presenting in more traditional formats.

I invite you to review the syllabi, and see what I came up with. As always, feedback is welcomed and encouraged.

“Criminology”, University of Cincinnati, Department of Sociology (Spring 2016)

“Social Change”, University of Cincinnati, Department of Sociology (Spring 2016)



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