[New syllabus] Reflective Practice in Conflict Resolution

Recently I had the opportunity to spend 3 weeks in Malta teaching a course in reflective practice as it relates to conflict analysis and resolution. While an honest Michael would have to admit a bit of hesitation and pessimism going into the topic, after spending the last 2 months reading, designing, teaching and evaluating the material, I’m hooked.

I am actually quite proud of the course I put together. It combines critical theory (i.e. interpreting epistemology, ontology and power-knowledge), gender studies (i.e. intersectionality, subjectivity), communication (i.e. rhetoric, discourse, critical discourse analysis)  and a whole host of contributions from conflict analysis and the various traditions of research methods. We took care to study the use of story telling/autobiography, meaning making, consciousness shifting, narrative theory, discourse and a host of other intersecting themes.

I was able to develop activities, host a two day research methods seminar, and go a bit deeper than usual into the exciting area of feminist research methods. In my experience, and based on conversations with students, the course had a good arch, and because we spent 5 hours a day in class together, we were able to work through complex areas in a single session.

So I’m sharing the syllabus here. This simple document can show a reader a broad overview of the course, which I hope can help others build similar courses.

“Reflective Practice in Conflict Resolution”, University of Malta (Winter 2015)


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