[New syllabi]: Sociology!!!!

As the Summer turns into Fall, those of us in the education industry dust off our books and get geared up for another semester of learning. For those of us in the adjunct/contingent academic labor game, this usually means a lot of late nights and coffee.

For me, Fall 2015 starts my official relationship with the University of Cincinnati, where I will be working as an Adjunct Professor of Sociology. I a teaching three classes in the department (on top of 3 other classes elsewhere) and have spent the past two weeks busy reviewing desk copies of text books and building syllabi. The result is three new syllabi presented here in the spirit of building a culture of academic cooperation…and a bit of pride/acomplishment, in the spirit of a house cat presenting a mouse to a human


SOCI1001 – “Introduction to Sociology”

SOCI2043 – “Contemporary Social Problems”

SOCI3044 – “Social Movements”


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