[New publication]: Sexuality, Assault, Police Infiltration and Foucault: Notes for Further Inquiry

This is the 3rd part of my ongoing research focused on the role played by sexuality and sexual violence in police infiltration of radical social movements.

My partner and I have been investigating these cases for some time now and regularly present our research. The most recent article is included in a book entitled New Developments in Anarchist Studies edited by the two amazing organizers, PJ Lilley and Jeff Shantz.  The chapter is based around a talk I have at last year North American Anarchist Studies Network conference, attempting to use the Foucault-based framework developed in the previous two articles, and apply it to cases of sexual assault by assets aiding police in the repression of emancipatory movements of the left.

The newly published book chapter focused on sexual assault can be found here:



The original journal article which develops this framework of analysis can be found here:


The background, biographical accounts of the infiltrators can be found here:


A video of a talk on the same topic can be seen here:
…and an example of the slide show is here:

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