[New presentation] Towards the queerest (reading of) insurrection

Thought I’ve been a bit inactive on this blog, I’ve been busy writing. Between teaching 5 simultaneous classes (Georgetown, George Mason, Jessup Correctional Institution), completing 3 simultaneous fellowships (Georgetown, George Mason, Hebrew Union College) and a bit of service work (some club/bar), I’ve managed to churn out several hundred pages of my PhD dissertation which I am scheduled to defend on April 1, 2015. This presentation is the first paper to emerge from the larger dissertation project.

In this presentation I develop the co-constitution of the insurrectionary and queer discourses through the objects to identity politics, intersectionality and the notion of structural violence. In general, I argue that this is a mutually-constitutive discursive space wherein insurrectionary queer theory borrows from both poststructuralism (i.e. Foucault and Agamben) and Queer theory, and at the same time, influences the development of these fields in their post-millennial, anti-assimilationist tendencies. In other words, while anarcho-bomb throwers are quick to speak of “biopolitical realities” and “forms-of-life” their notions of an omnipresent, fluid and amorphous network of power that dominates has served to inform the inter-academic field of Queer theory is often unacknowledged yet meaningful ways.

This presentation was delivered at the 22nd annual Lavender Languages & Linguistics conference held at American University in Washington, DC.

Slides from this presentation can be seen at:


Also, small elements of this argument are included in previous works on the intersection of Queer theory and insurrectionary theory, and can be found at:


[Queer-insurrectionary theory as applied to the X-Men movie franchise]



[Queer-insurrectionary theory as applied to the theories of intersectionality and animal liberation/anti=speciesism]


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