[New publications] Encyclopedia of Surveillance, Security, and Privacy


While I had promised my partner to slow down a bit on accepting opportunities to engage in writing projects that are taking me away from my dissertation….when I saw that SAGE was producing yet another exciting encyclopedia, I had to explore further. When I looked through the list of available topics and saw two of my favorite post-structural concepts left unclaimed, I hesitantly signed up.

These entries will be included in the SAGE Encyclopedia of Surveillance, Security, and Privacy.

Therefore, although it is quite difficult to reduce complex concepts to simplified encyclopedia entries, I have completed two more pieces: one on Foucault’s concept on the panopticon, and another on his concept of governmentality. Both are good (I think) summaries of these concepts without extensive citing.

Check them out, hot off the e-press here:

Encyclopedia entry: the Panopticon

Encyclopedia entry: Governmentality


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