[New publication] When cops “go native”: policing revolution through sexual infiltration and panopticonism


This article, published in a special edition of Critical Studies on Terrorism, is the first ‘deliverable’ from my rather lengthy exploration into the role of sexuality in the infiltration of radical social movements.  I became interested in this topic when the story broke in the UK press some time ago and have been researching, writing and presenting on the topic ever since.  I have given talks based on this research (links included at the bottom) and taken a great deal of ‘field interviews’ with activists and academics.

The first result of these efforts is this article…

When cops “go native”: policing revolution through sexual infiltration and panopticonism

You can also read the article on T&F’s official website, if you follow this limited use link:


In the near future I am planning on releasing a guide for activists, profiling the cases we’re aware of and attempting to explain them in terms of state strategy and practice.  This is very much a work in progress so if you have thoughts on the topic, please don’t hesitate to share them.  Also, if you would like to help out putting together the ‘activist guide’ let me know.  I have already gotten some amazing folks on board and the more the merrier.  For now, check out the article, and if you have access to the entire issue, check it out.  The issue includes two other authors speaking to these issues of infiltration…including on whom I call out quite directly in my piece.  This article may not win be any favors in the Terrorism Studies academy, but if it can keep a few more activists out of jail then it’s all worth it.

Presentations building to the article:


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