[New presentation] Feminist theory & gendered involvement in armed movements


This presentation is the product of research I have carried through consistently since I was an undergraduate student.  Back then, I carefully tracked every news reference, government report and primary source document that discussed female involvement in acts of political violence.  Female suicide bombers, saboteurs  operational cades and the like; all cataloged and kept in tidy folders.  After doing this for some time I noted a versy distinct pattern: female involvement in armed movements is almost uniformly explained through a number of hiughly simplistic, depoliticized and sexist narratives.  These typically deal with their linkages to male fighters, sexualized trauma and dishonor (e.g. infidelity  homosexuality, infertility, divorce) and anecdotal explanations that often play on sensationalist events.

This presentation attempts to discuss these narratives and give agency to women who decide to fight with the bullet and not the ballot.

This presentation was given at the “Leveraging Commitment in Gender Research, Theory & Practice” conference organized by George Mason University’s Center for Gender and Conflict on March 22, 2014.  A copy of the slides can be viewed here.  An version of this talk with my narration is also available.  If you would like to get access to this, email me: michael.loadenthal@gmail.com.


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