[New publication] Latch Key Prometheus: How I Became the First ELF Cell…a non-admission of guilt

…I know I say this a lot but I am super excited about this finally coming out.  What began as a night of creative writing has turned into a rather fun piece of writing recently published in “Earth First!: The Journal of Ecological Resistance” has been proudly published quarterly since 1980!  I have been a dedicated reader for about the past … Continue reading

[New publication] Days of War, Knights of Tempeh: Anarchism, Animal Liberation & A History of Social War

I am excited to announce the completed first draft of a book chapter to be included in “No Bosses, No Masters: Anarchist Perspectives on Animal Liberation” edited by Erika Cudworth, Anthony Nocella and Richard White. The chapter traces the intersection between contemporary insurrectionary anarchism (e.g. Informal Anarchist Federation, Conspiracy of Cells of Fire…) and direct action animal liberation movements (e.g. … Continue reading

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