Blackfish, Anarcho-Critique & Queer Insurrection?

With the great publicity the film Blackfish is getting, I thought it would be appropriate to review a related article I wrote last year entitled  “Operation Splash Back!: Queering Animal Liberation Through the Contributions of Neo-Insurrectionist Queers“.  Following  the killing of Sea World trainer Dawn Brancheau, I became interested in the case of this infamous orca.  After learning more about the … Continue reading

[New publication]: Jah People – The Cultural Hybridity of White Rastafarians

Another oldie but goodie paper from my American University undergrad years.  I wrote this paper for a course called “Globalization and Culture” with Marwan. Kraidy. It had sat on my file backups since 2003 and when I saw the CFP from “Glocalism. Journal of Culture, Politics and Innovation”. After some editing and polishing, here it is: Jah … Continue reading

[New publication]: Reproducing a Culture of Martyrdom – The Palestinian mother, discourse and legitimization

Um Nidal, the iconic ‘Mother of Martyrs’ poses with her son before he leaves to attack. Though I may have wrote this paper a few years back as part of a WGS capstone, after some updates it is being turned into a book chapter by the good people at Palgrave Macmillan. I am super excited to be … Continue reading

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