[New publication]: The Framing of (Counter) State Violence…


Palestinian fighters--including Fadi Kafisha pictured on the right --pose for a foreign photographer inside Balata Refugee Camp on the outskirts of Nablus. (July 2006)

As any writer, editor or publisher know, sometimes project deadlines are just impossible to hold on to.  When we reach this eventual realization, some falter, some quit, and some fight through the missed deadlines, nonresponsive co-conspirators and naysaying haters and persevere.

Today we are those preservers.

Despite a multitude of challenges along the way, today we are proud to announce the publication of:

Affinities: A Journal of Radical Theory, Culture, and Action [Volume 6, Number 1]

This special edition journal issue features six great articles from movement scholars seeking to untangle to web of rhetoric surrounding political violence, social movements and terrorism.  I have the great privilege of working with Andrew Culp, Justin AK Helepololei, Lindsay Balfour,  Timothy Vasko and Will Potter as well as out great editorial staff Adam Barker, Richard Day and Jaclyn Nadon.

I have written the first paper, “The Framing of (Counter) State Violence: Challenging the rhetoric of non-State actors, political violence & ‘terrorism’” and was responsible for holding the issue together.  After quite a bit of time, I am happy to present, Affinities 6:1.

Interventions: Openings

The Framing of (Counter) State Violence: Challenging the rhetoric of non-State actors, political violence & ‘terrorism’ PDF HTML
Michael Loadenthal

Interventions: Struggles

Dispute or Disrupt? Desire and Violence in Protests Against the Iraq War PDF HTML
Andrew C Culp
Notes on a Common Insurrection: Violence and Transversal Solidarity in Occupied Barcelona PDF HTML
Justin Allen Keoki Helepololei
Organic Shrapnel and the Possibility of Violence PDF HTML
Lindsay Anne Balfour
Solemn Geographies of Human Limits: Drones and the Neocolonial Administration of Life and Death PDF HTML
Timothy Bowers Vasko

Interventions: Provocations

Skinny Mirror: How pop culture normalizes a false image of the “War on Terror” PDF HTML
Will Potter

Contributor Bios

Contributor Bios PDF HTML
Richard JF Day

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