[New publication]: If Left to their Own Devices: Police Provocation & Terrorists’ Tendency to Fail

Looking for the intersection of Critical Theory and good ol’ fashioned Conflict Analysis…look not further than Unrest Magazine, produced by an underground collective of editors and authors at George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution.  The magazine produces high quality scholarship from a host of lefty conflict theorists including some personal heros of mine. My article for … Continue reading

What Michael is Reading #2

With bated breath I oblige, and scribe another entry of…dum, dum, dum [kettle drum sounds] “What Michael is Reading!”   1.) The Declared Enemy: Texts and Interviews (of Jean Genet) Written by Jean Genet, Edited by Albert Dichy and Translated by Jeff Fort Jean Genet is a legend.  He was a revolutionary queer, a counter-system thief and … Continue reading

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