[New publication]: “The Earth Liberation Front: A Movement Analysis”


A few days back the Journal of Radical Criminology (No. 2) published my paper, “The Earth Liberation Front: A Movement Analysis”.  Folks can order a print copy for $9 here.…or of course read it online for free, the way it was meant to be.

This paper was originally written with a slightly different focus and a noticeably different audience.  It was written within a Security/Terrorism Studies framework as part of my MLitt coursework at the Centre for the Study of Terrorism & Political Violence, University St Andrews.  It’s far more profiling of the ELF then I would venture to write now but I was seeking to explain a rather unpopular subject to a rather critical academic audience.

For whatever reason, with all the things I’ve written and published in the past three years, this paper (in its pre-editing, security-centric form) has always been the most read.  Since putting online a few months back, it has over 1,150 views.  If you compare this to things I have published in more centrist, mainstream (and better distributed) publications, the ELF article still dominates.

Tis a mystery.

Onwards towards a growing ‘eco-terrorist’ reading list:

[2013] Deconstructing ‘Eco-Terrorism’: Rhetoric, Framing and Statecraft as Seen Through the Insight Approach

[2013] The ‘Green Scare’ & ‘Eco-Terrorism’: The Development of US Counter-Terrorism Strategy Targeting Direct Action Activists.

[2013] “Under the Blade of the Eco-Guillotine: The “Green Scare” as Monarchical Power”

[2013] From the Classroom to the Slaughterhouse: Animal Liberation By Any Means Necessary

[2011] Book Review: Donald Liddick’s “Eco-Terrorism: Radical Environmental and Animal Liberation Movements”

[2010] The Production of ALF/ELF Tactical & Operational Intelligence: Moving Towards Active Participation within a Continuum of Involvement


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