[New publication]: “The Earth Liberation Front: A Movement Analysis”

A few days back the Journal of Radical Criminology (No. 2) published my paper, “The Earth Liberation Front: A Movement Analysis”.  Folks can order a print copy for $9 here.…or of course read it online for free, the way it was meant to be. This paper was originally written with a slightly different focus and a noticeably different audience.  It was written within a … Continue reading

When Counter-Terrorism Becomes Rape: Disciplinary Power & the Sexual Infiltration of Radical Communities

This is a topic I’ve been looking into for a while now and as I progress through my though I’ll keep posting updates here. I just got back from England having done two conference presentations bot focused on understanding the role of sexual infiltration in the disruption of the political left.  I presented at the annual Critical Terrorism Studies conference … Continue reading

[New publication]: “Sister Species & Women and the Animal Rights Movement” dual book review

After a fair bit of time making its way though publishers, type setting and the likes, our co-authored review of two great books is finally in print!  Jennifer Grubbs and I were invited to review these books when Sister Species was released and jumped at the opportunity. These are both two great books and I suggest … Continue reading

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