[New publication]: “Queering (Animal) Liberation and (Queer) Victimhood: The Reappropiation of Intersectionality & Violence”

512x67mPmyL._SY346_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_I’m super excited to see this make it to print.  This is a paper I presented at the 2012 at the North American Anarchist Studies Network conference in San Juan Puerto Rico.  This was the product of amazing work by NAASN members Jorell Badillo and Nathan Jun.  The book is published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

It was originally published in the Journal for Critical Animal Studies, Volume 10, Issue 3, (ISSN1948-352X) under the title, “Operation Splash Back!: Queering Animal Liberation Through the Contributions of Neo-Insurrectionist Queers.

The neo-insurrectionist network known as Bash Back! has contributed to the queering of theanimal liberation discourse through the publication of their 2010 communiqué entitled, “BashBack!ers in Support of Autonomous Animal Action Call For Trans-Species Solidarity WithTillikum.” The politic developed by the larger movement of neo-insurrectionist Queers, asexemplified by Bash Back!, has served to disrupt anthropocentric notions of human-liberator,animal-captive that form the centerpiece of the animal liberation discourse. Through their appropriation of an attack wherein an orca whale killed its trainer at SeaWorld, Bash Back! problematizes not only the normalized domestication of non-human animals for entertainment, but also the discourse used to critique such enslavement. Through satirical posturing and a liberatory framework, Bash Back! attempts to draw intersectional connection between the systems of domination that enslave both non-human animals and non-heterosexual Queers. Through a queering of this understanding of liberation, Bash Back!serves to shift the animal liberation discourse away from the human centric “total liberation”framework, and towards an anti-speciest framework proposed herein, termed “total solidarity.”


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