[New publication]: “The Politics of Planning: Conference organizing as an act of resistance”

and the last in my backlog of book chapter publications…an instructive text.  This is a rather untraditional piece for me me as it is a non-theory based “how to” chapter about organizing activist/academic conferences.  I have done a great deal of conference organizing, and so I was tapped to write some of it down!  The result is here:

The Politics of Planning: Conference organizing as an act of resistance


This chapter is written in conjunction with the brilliant and talented Jennifer Grubbs, and though it has no formal abstract, is explained internally as:

What follows in this chapter is a three part exploration of conference organizing as a foundational aspect of activism and education. Part one discusses why it is important for activists to develop and become involved with activist-themed conferences. Part twodiscusses why activists should involve themselves with academic conferences, and partthree is a rough guide to conference planning. This chapter was collaboratively written by two people and is the product of a series of conversations addressing these corequestions. Both of the authors have attended conferences as well organized conferences.We have traveled across the continent together presenting, organizing and attending, andit is from these experiences that we write this guide. As authors, we remain critical of theattempts in academia to create productive individual  bodies. We write collaboratively asan act of resistance, and as an example of transparency. Organizing a conference within a collective requires patience, dedication, empathy, and a whole lot of extra time. This guide was produced with the same commitment, and belief that collaboration is essential to enacting social change.

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