[New publication]: “Under the Blade of the Eco-Guillotine: The “Green Scare” as Monarchial Power

And the backlog posting of papers keeps coming!

Today I am sharing a first draft of a book chapter recently compleated for inclusion in a book to be published within the “Environmental Humanities Series” (Wilfrid Laurier University Press) edited by Robert Boschman and Mario Trono.  This paper was first presented at the Under Western Skies conference held at, Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta.

The paper seeks to combined two of my current research interests, direct action eco/animal liberation movements and critical theory.  The paper is part of a larger work in progress aimed at analyzing the criminalization of dissent via Foucault’s disciplinary punishment, but as a first step, it serves me well.

The paper can be read here:



This paper explores the relationship between economic sabotage, State capitalism, the “Green Scare,” and public forms of political repression. Through a quantitative analysis of direct action activism highlighting the Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front, the larger discourse surrounding mechanisms of social change and their impact on State power and capitalist accumulation will be examined. The analyses examines the earth and animal liberation movements, utilizing a Marxist-anarchist lens to illustrate how these non-State actors provide powerful critiques of capital and the State. Specifically, the discussion examines how State-sanctioned violence against these movements represents a return to Foucaultian Monarchical power.  A quantitative history will be used to argue that the movements’ actions fail to qualify as “terrorism” and to examine the performance of power between the radical left and the State. State repression represents not only the capitalist allegiances between government and industry, but also a sense of capital desperation hoping to counter an activist movement that has produced demonstrable victories by the means of bankrupting and isolating corporations.  The government is taking such unconstitutional measures as a ‘talk back’ between the revolutionary potential of these movements’ ideology as well as the challenge they present to State capitalism.


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