[New publication]: White Punks in Chocolate City: Reflections on Gentrification While Blasting “Welcome to Paradise”

For the second time in a week, in the down time while my daughter naps, I am reaching into my ‘pending publications’ folder and sharing projects that are in the pipes towards print publication. This book chapter, entitled White Punks in Chocolate City: Reflections on Gentrification While Blasting “Welcome to Paradise” is to be included … Continue reading

[New publication]: The “Green Scare” & “Eco-Terrorism”: The Development of US “Counter-Terrorism” Strategy Targeting Direct Action Activists

After a fair bit of time passing I have decided to share this book chapter to be included in the forthcoming edited volume entitled, “The Law Against Animals: A Challenge to the Animal Enterprise Terrorism,” due out on St. Martin’s Press later this year.  I originally wrote the paper in 2010 and am excited to … Continue reading

Some dispatches from Turkey

If you aren’t familiar with what is going on in Turkey right now it’s not my job to tell you.  Outside of the generally awful coverage from the media, there are some ‘on the ground’ reports which deserve sharing.  The one below was sent anonymously (and edited for one’s protection but not content) through an … Continue reading

Cops, security & the (thin blue) line that divides

There is a distinct yet convoluted relationship between a nation’s level of (neoliberal) development and the uniformity of its security forces. In the ‘first world’ there are those whom are clearly deputized to wield force, such as cops and soldiers, and those who exist on the margins as keepers of the peace but outside of … Continue reading

Murder is still illegal right?

On My 22, 2013 Ibragim Todashev was questioned by FBI and local police in relation to knowledge he had in conenction to the April 15, 2013 bomings at the Boston Marathon.  During the course of his eight hours of questioning, Todashev was shot and killed. Initial comments from the FBI claimed that Todashev attacked and injured agents … Continue reading

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