Legitimate Monopolies & False Narratives

One of the topics I like to explore is the State’s monopoly on violence, how it is wielded biopolitically, and how those who violate this monopoly are framed.


These are news headlines from today.  All show the illegitimate use of lethal force by agents of the State, the necropolitical monster of the CIA, police and other security forces.

I guess the mask of ‘legitimate use of force’ is slipping away these days.


I believe that no violence is inherently legitimate or illegitimate as a result of the producers’ authority.  State violence is often irrational, immoral and terroristic and counter-State violence is just as often rational, moral and designed not to inspire fear, but hope.  These are not binaries–legal State executions and illegal anarchist window smashing–but rather two points on a multi-axis continuum.  Now and again, I try to isolate a point in this taxonomy and explore it…expose the State for its violence and shine light on the non-State and give it voice.

Violence is positional and must be judged in relation to its target and its creator.  I opposed al-Qaeda’s violent form of bastardized Salafi Islam, and can simultaneously oppose the US’s extrajudicial assassination of Bin Laden.


The CIA should not be allowed to assassinate American citizens if we are to believe that we live in a society that respects the rule of law.  While that is of course a farce, it is laughable when the CIA must expose itself like this.  In a society built on the appearance of governmental transparency yet the existence of a socio-political disinformation campaigns, its impossible to know where history ends and polished narrative begins.

Did the four American pose a threat to the State?  Did the Swedish police have the right to use deadly force to protect themselves and the social peace?  Did the police in Massachusetts kill a suspect because he attacked  or because of knowledge he possessed?



In the end we don’t know.  We have the choice of accepting the story as it is told and waiting for the expose in a decade, or distrusting every word out of their mouths and becoming a cynical conspiracy theorist.  I fall somewhere between the middle and the latter…





The Stockholm police, Boston police, FBI…all killing individuals with the grace of the State’s will behind them.

And as Mell Gibson once (sort of) said, ‘just because I’m a paranoid conspiracy theorist dosen’t mean I’m wrong and they’re NOT out to get us’


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