Mapping my research: I’ve been writing a lot about the elves

I began an academic interest in the Earth Liberation Front, Animal Liberation Front and contemporary direct action networks at large around 2009.  In the seven years prior, I had done most of my research on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and before that, Jamaica’s Rastafarian communities (see #1, #2, #3) and its connections to revolutionary ideology.  I did field work in Jamaica (Kingston & … Continue reading

Legitimate Monopolies & False Narratives

One of the topics I like to explore is the State’s monopoly on violence, how it is wielded biopolitically, and how those who violate this monopoly are framed. These are news headlines from today.  All show the illegitimate use of lethal force by agents of the State, the necropolitical monster of the CIA, police and other security … Continue reading

Protected: What a difference a May Day makes

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Sexual infiltration of radical movements

So I’ve been looking into the role played by sexual infiltration into radical (e.g. anarchist, anti-capitalist, animal liberation, eco-tague) movements for some time.  I’ve written on the topic, discussed it with tons of people, and recently, developed a short presentation to give an overview. With a few drafts down and the final paper still forthcoming, … Continue reading

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