What Michael is reading #1

..in a series I am beginning today and hope to continue I introduce…dum, dum dum (meant to be the sound of kettle drums)


So after dropping the cost of a large vegan pizza on books at Little Black Cart I’ve been devouring these three texts since they landed on my doorstep.

1.) Between Predicates, War: Theses on Contemporary Struggle

written by: The Institute for Experimental Freedom


this piece is an amazingly stimulating and challenging read that I highly suggest to any and all students of revolution and proponents of totalized revolt.  The IEF serves up a heaping helping of insurrectional, post-left theory that at times makes Tiqqun seem childish.  Truly a pleasure to read and available for free reading as an ePub.

2.) Defacing the Currency: Selected Writings 1992-2012

written by: Bob Black

bob black cover final

This is the first collection of Bob Black’s work in 16 years and a great edited volume from LBC.  It has some really great pieces about critiquing leftism, work, Chomsky, domestication and the usual quasi-primitivist, post-anarchist theory we’ve come to expect from Bob.  If all you’ve heard of him is “The Abolition of Work” or “Anarchy After Leftism,” it’s time to pick this up and re-invest in the Blackian way…and of course if you’re too cheap to cough up the $12, you can read all the Bob you want at The Anarchist Library’s Bob Black page.

3.) The Collected Communiques of Individualists Tending Toward the Wild


This is a carefully edited compilation of exactly what it states, communiques from the Mexican militants, Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (ITTW).  For those unfamiliar with ITTW, they are bomb throwing, post-anarcho, insurrectionary primitivists attacking the State and the “Techno-Industrial System” throughout Mexico.  Not only are these clandestine insurgents striking fear into the heats of nano-technologists and State agents alike, but they are reporting it via lengthy texts perfect for a relaxing read on the beach or while pouring sand (taken from said beach) into the gas tanks of machinery.  For anyone unfamiliar with these folks, get on the train and read up…and just like the others, if you can’t get it bound and delivered, its everywhere for free as well:



Lastly, while I’m on the subject, I recommend everyone check out Little Black Cart.  They are not only great distributors of radical literature, but they have also been (re)publishing some awesome texts recently.  Below are some other titles they have released which I eagerly devoured.

OccupyEverything queer_ultraviolence

the_anarchist_tension_lbc TIQQUN 1.indd


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