[New publication]: Deconstructing “eco-terrorism”: rhetoric, framing and statecraft as seen through the Insight approach

More than a year after being written, I am happy to say that my article for Critical Studies on Terrorism is in print.  The paper is titled, “Deconstructing “eco-terrorism”: rhetoric, framing and statecraft as seen through the Insight approach” and is officially housed here: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/17539153.2013.765702.

I have included the abstract below:

Since 1979, the Animal and Earth Liberation Fronts have claimed thousands of attacks worldwide targeting property, yet remained relatively impervious to infiltration, disruption and arrest. Since the disclosure of the State’s targeted surveillance and prosecution of these movements – labelled the “Green Scare” by activists – a matrix of juridical, legalistic and political mechanisms has criminalised forms of political dissent. In order to apply an emergent method of conflict analysis to the subject of the violent non-State actor, the Insight approach is utilised to examine how counterterrorism strategy serves as an articulation of the State’s epistemological framework. Though examining the State as an entity capable of synthesising experiences and generating a perceived “threat”, one can examine a resulting juridical “defense”. Utilising the Insight approach to conflict mediation as developed by Bernard Lonergan, Robert Fitterer, Cheryl Picard, Jamie Price and others, one can understand the State’s threat perception, narrative construction and finally, policies that emanate from such a conflict understanding.

The paper was selected for publication after it received good reviews at a conference in 2012.  Following the text of the article, the journal editor notes:

Michael Loadenthal’s article was the unanimously chosen winner of the inaugural Best Postgraduate Paper at the annual Critical Studies on Terrorism Working Group (CSTWG) Conference held at the University of Kent from 10–11 September 2012. We are delighted to publish it in this special issue.

Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and if you happen to give it a read, please send your comments, questions, concerns and critiques straight to me.

– michael.loadenthal@gmail.com


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